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Go far away to find yourself closer to you

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The concept

Your Travel Therapy are initiatory journeys. We believe that traveling is a practice that can help you to reconnect with yourself. We offer organized trip in Tanzania. Our wish to offer responsible/respectful travel  of Tanzanian culture, of nature to guide you towards returning to yourself and the interconnection of things. Our trips are designed to allow you to discover this fascinating culture while offering you the opportunity to refocus on yourself. Our mission is to put humanity and explore at the center of travel. Have you always dreamed of discovering the African continent but you don't really know why you never dared? Want to meet locals and other traveler? Want sun and back to basics?  Then this stay is made for you!
séjour en groupe Tanzanie
retour à l'essentiel
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My name is Marine and I am your guide and coach during the stays

I studied psychology and I have been a life coach and traveler since 2018 (New Zealand, Mauritius, Bali,... Tanzania). In 2022, I decided to build Ta Travel Therapy after 4 years of personal experience using my different trips as my own therapy. I realized that many travelers, like me, set out in search of adventure but above all with a need to search for themselves. For several years I felt bad in my studies  and in my life because I knew that I was in the field that I am passionate about and to which I want to contribute and yet the way in which I studied, helping people did not correspond to the vision that I had of it lack of autonomy, place of the ignorant scholar, no proposal of solutions, of actions. Through a beautiful synchronicity, it is my travels that have really allowed me this reconnection to humanity and this unconditional love that we all seek. So after several years, I dared to build this heart project mixing personal development and travel to allow travelers at heart to use travel and meeting others to take the time to meet their authentic self. Because we don't all have the budget or the resources to go on a world tour and leave everything behind for long months of introspection.

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